Santo Domingo is located on the Caribbean coast of the Ozama River. Was founded by Bartolome Columbus in 1498 on the east part of Ozama River and in 1502, Nicolas Ovando moved it at the West part of the river, as a result we have Santo Domingo East, Santo Domingo west and Santo Domingo National district (center).

The original habitants of Santo Domingo was the “Taino” they were there  living since the seventh century until the year of its discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Then, the city of Santo Domingo became the first permanent settlement in America, the first capital of Spanish political power in the New World and the first site of European settlement in America.

In Santo Domingo, the heritage place is named colonial city “Zona colonial”, the first cathedral and the first fort built in America, which is now annexed to the World Heritage by UNESCO.

 Santo Domingo has the first university established after the discovery of the New World,

named Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.